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Let’s Break Stuff!

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Need a break? Like literally? Want to break stuff? It sounds kind of fun, doesn’t it!? The smash room in Kansas City turns this into a reality. Old dishes, TVs, windows, glasses, and bottles to throw, stomp, and destroy. We give you the place, a rage room in Overland Park or Kansas City, to take breaking things to another level. Take out your frustrations, or maybe just have a little fun on a hot summer day and obliterate the breakables of your choice.

Let’s break down the best four reasons to visit the smash room in Kansas City this summer!

1. Energy Release – Let’s face it! There is no better way to release your pent-up energy than swinging a crowbar, bat, or pipe on a broken-down printer, plate, or vase. BOOM! Swing that thing in a safe place and go to town. There are up to 15 significant breakables per person, and you have tons of time to go after them. You have the space to rage. You are completely safe too! We will outfit you with goggles, a hard hat, gloves, and an apron.

2. Bonding – What better way to bond with friends than a night in a rage room in Kansas City? Hilarity ensues when there is the certainty of a swing and a miss. It happens. It is often a lot more challenging to break some things than you would think also. It is also a bit noisier than you might think when breaking things, and that becomes quite the comic relief as well. Laughing is the best part of the rage room in Kansas City.

3. Unique Experiences – You’ve probably never done anything quite like this before. This is probably the first time you’ve ever smashed anything with your friends, broken anything with your boyfriend, or asked your family to grab a baseball bat and kill a glass plate together. It is a different experience for you and your companions to have for the first time.

4. Decreasing Anger – There’s a lot of debate about this! A destroy room in Kansas City is meant to lower your stress level and up your good time vibes! We encourage tween participation and want to remind you this is all in good fun, and nothing has to be anything more than, “Hey, hey, it’s fun to break stuff!” Just come in and try it out!

Come to the smash room in Kansas City for energy release, bonding, unique experiences, and decreasing your anger this summer. We are ready to host you for a couple of hours of fun and some stress relief.

Super Smash KC, a rage room in Kansas City, offers several packages to help you have a smashing good time. These packages include the starter smash, the super smash, the multiplayer, and the party pack. All packages include access to the smash room, breakable items, and protective gear. Then for extreme ragers, there are add-ons! Do you know what it's like inside an actual wrecking room in Kansas City? Do you really want to experience a destroy room in Overland Park? You can do it all at Super Smash KC!

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