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Smash Room in overland Park

Have you ever wanted to be like your favorite superhero and run through life jumping, breaking objects, and smashing everything in your path?  Well, that may not be realistic in life, but we have a great alternative for you - a smash room at Super Smash KC!  You can call it a smash room, rage room, destroy room, or wrecking room, whatever you want!  All we know is that it's a great place in Overland Park to do some serious damage to broken-down office equipment, electronics, old plates, jars, or various other breakable items. 


Are you ready to do a little mass destruction!?  Here are more details on the packages we offer.


All You Can Bash Fun in Overland Park in 15 Minutes!

For $30 you can get our Starter Smash package, where you can unleash all your rage in a safe environment. Inside our destroy room in Overland Park, we’ll provide 10 breakable items that you can slug with things like a hammer, baseball bat, or a pipe. You’ll also receive all the necessary protective gear to ensure your wrecking room experience remains safe. This includes gloves, helmet, protective eyewear, and any other protective measures needed. At Super Smash KC, we want you to have a blast while breaking everything in sight, but in a safe manner.

If 15 Minutes of Destruction Time isn't Enough...

If you’d like to upgrade to 20 minutes of constant bashing and fun, try our Super Smash package. For $50 you get the same perks as the Starter Smash, but with an additional 5 minutes of rage room time (20 minutes total) and 5 extra breakable items (15 total). Also, you get the added bonus of getting to obliterate larger items! This may include furniture, old office equipment, mirrors, and more. You’ll still use the same safety gear while visiting our wrecking room in Overland Park. So, get yourself amped up for 20 minutes of chaotic fun!


Bring a Group for a Multiplayer Smash Fest!

If you’ve got some good friends that want to do some serious destruction, organize a group outing and sign up for our Multiplayer session. For just $150 your whole group will get 20 minutes to destroy 15 items per person, but you’ll enjoy the added fun of bashing and wrecking everything as a unit! Multiplayer sessions are popular for outings with friends, co-workers, team-building events, and much more! Click below to sign up for a Multiplayer outing inside our rage room in Overland Park.

party Time at Super Smash KC!

For a full 2 hours of fun-filled havoc, book a Party Pack for your friends, family, or co-workers. For $250 you’ll get to reserve the entire Super Smash KC facility reserved just for your group. Party Packs include 6 Starter Smash tickets and access to a private room with tables, chairs, and more. You can bring your own food, birthday cake, ice cream, beverages, and decorations for your event. Give us a call today at 913-499-9330 to reserve your spot. Spending a special occasion inside a smash room in Overland Park is a unique and entertaining way to bring your group or team together.

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