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Smash Room in Kansas City


15 Minutes of All You Can Bash Fun in Kansas City!

For $30 you can get our Starter Smash package where you can release all the rage you want in a safe environment. Inside our destroy room in Kansas City, you’ll get up to 10 breakable items that you can slug with a baseball bat, hammer, or a pipe. You’ll also receive all the protective gear you need to stay safe inside the wrecking room. This includes protective eyewear, gloves, helmet, and any other protective measures needed. At Super Smash KC, we want you to break everything we put in front of you into a million pieces, but most importantly, do it in a safe manner.

Have you ever wanted to be like Super Mario and run through life jumping, breaking bricks, and smashing turtles along your way? Well, since that may be frowned upon in real life, we have a great alternative for you––a smash room at Super Smash KC! You can call it a smash room, rage room, destroy room, or wrecking room; it’s up to you! All we know is that it’s a great place in Kansas City to do some friendly and fun damage to old office equipment, electronics, plates, glasses, or various other breakable items.

Sound like fun so far?!

Need MOre Than 15 Minutes of Destruction?

If you’d like to upgrade to 20 minutes of havoc, you should try our Super Smash package. For $50 you get the same smashing good time as the Starter Smash, but you get 20 minutes of rage room time and 15 breakable items. Plus, you get the bonus of obliterating some of our largest items, like furniture, old office equipment, mirrors, and more! You’ll still get the same great safety gear during your time at our wrecking room in Kansas City. So, make sure you are ready to get quite a workout and destroy lots of stuff!


Bring Your Friends for a Multiplayer Smash Session!

If you’ve got some buddies that you know can do some serious destruction, make it a group effort and sign up for a Multiplayer session. For $150 you’ll all get 20 minutes to destroy 15 items per person, but you’ll enjoy the added fun of smashing and wrecking everything as a team! Multiplayer sessions are great for outings with friends, co-workers, team-building events, and more! Click below to sign up for a Multiplayer outing inside our rage room in Kansas City.

Have a Raging Party at Super Smash KC

For a full 2 hours of smashing good fun, book a Party Pack for your friends and family. For $250 you’ll have the entire Super Smash KC facility reserved just for your group. This includes 6 Starter Smash tickets and access to a private room with tables, chairs, and more. You are welcomed to bring food, beverages, and decorations to your event; just call us today at 913-499-9330 to set up your reservation. Spending a birthday or another special occasion inside a smash room in Kansas City is a unique and entertaining way to bring any group or team together.

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