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The Evolution of the Destroy Room in Kansas City

The Evolution of the Destroy Room in Kansas CityThere’s no doubt that many of you have now heard about how fun a destroy room in Kansas City can be. Where else can you go to relieve all your frustrations after a long and stressful week of work? Some people might choose to have a beverage or unwind by the lake. Then there’s our type of people, who like to unleash their rage on old office equipment, furniture, glassware, or other outdated items.

Many of you may be wondering, “Who came up with the idea of a Kansas City destroy room?” Well, the concept of a destroy, rage, smash, or wrecking room did not start here locally. In this blog, we’ll discuss where destroy rooms began and why they have become so popular.

Where did all the “rage” begin?

In 2008, the first known rage or destroy room was opened in Japan. There was immediate popularity which led to the opportunity for the business to spread throughout the country and eventually worldwide. Other countries that immediately bought into the craze included Serbia, The United Kingdom, and Argentina. Although smash rooms took a while to make their way to the midwestern United States, a destroy room in Kansas City was definitely on the horizon.

Gaining Popularity in the United States

By 2018 the United States had officially bought into the destroy room craze. Rooms were being designed and opened to the public in states like Milwaukee, New York, Virginia, Utah, and others. Soon, rooms were opening all over the United States, including our very own Kansas City destroy room at Super Smash KC.

Destroy Room in Kansas City

Memories Over Buying More Stuff

One reason why the smash room became such a hit in the United States and why so many people thoroughly enjoyed their experience inside a destroy room in Kansas City – there’s not materialism involved. You can get together with friends, family members, co-workers, or teammates, to create memories that will last a lifetime. Who knows, you may have such a good time that you’ll want to book another appointment inside our Kansas City rage room.

Great Idea for Those Who Are Picky About Gifts

We all have that one person that is extremely difficult to shop for. No matter how much thought you put into a gift, it just never seems to be the right fit. Well, try something unique; get them the gift of SMASH! Set up your next event inside our smash room in Kansas City.

Destroy Room in Kansas City

Are You Ready to Visit a Premier Destroy Room in Kansas City?

Super Smash KC is a top rage room in Kansas City that offers several packages to help you have a smashing good time. These packages include the starter smash, the super smash, the multiplayer, and the party pack. All packages include access to the smash room, breakable items, and protective gear. Then for extreme ragers, there are add-ons! Do you know what it's like inside an actual wrecking room in Kansas City? Do you really want to experience a destroy room in Kansas City? You can do it all at Super Smash KC!


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