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People Who Should Not Participate in a Destroy Room in Kansas City

Destroy Room in Kansas City

At Super Smash KC, the home of the destroy room in Kansas City, we want everyone to enjoy their time at our unique facility. It’s not often you get to take out your frustrations on some outdated equipment, broken down furniture, or some old dinnerware. It can be a fantastic stress-reliever and a quick escape from our busy and stressful lives.

However, our staff at Super Smash KC knows that a Kansas City destroy room is not the perfect place for everyone. There are certain precautions we must put in place to ensure that everyone remains safe. Here are some people that should not participate in a Kansas City wrecking room, strictly for safety purposes.

Anyone Who is Pregnant or Nursing

Someone who is currently expecting a child should steer clear of any type of aggressive activity, like participating in a destroy room in Kansas City. Swinging a bat or another object violently can pose an injury risk to the expecting mother and her baby.

At Super Smash KC, safety is our top priority, especially when it comes to expecting mothers and their children. Although someone is pregnant should not participate in our Kansas City destroy room, we will look forward to seeing you in the future after you have given birth to your wonderful new addition to the family! We hope your beautiful new baby is future rager!

Destroy Room in Kansas City

Anyone in Poor Health or With a Serious Injury

Inside our wrecking room in Kansas City, you’ll have at least 10 minutes to do as much damage as you can. Trust us, it’s quite a workout! There’s quite a bit of physical activity, so make sure you are in good enough shape to take on the challenge.

If you currently have a broken bone, are on crutches, have a bad back, or are recovering from another injury, we recommend waiting until you are healed before you participate. The last thing you would want to do is reaggravate the injury and experience a major setback. Our destroy room in Kansas City will be waiting for you once your recover!

Children Under Age 5

We all know that small children sure are good at breaking things, but their breaking skills will have to wait just a bit longer at Super Smash KC if they under the age of 5. At such a young age, there are just too many risks inside our Kansas City destroy room. Once your little one turns 5, they can enjoy our wrecking room in Kansas City, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or another responsible adult who will monitor them closely.

Destroy Room in Kansas City

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