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Why Do We Get Joy Out of Breaking Things at a Destroy Room in Kansas City?

Have you ever wondered why certain things in life bring us joy? For example, when you put a 1000-piece puzzle together, that brings you a feeling of accomplishment, beauty, and completion. If you clean the house, it provides aesthetic appeal and fresh scents that can be enjoyed throughout your home.

Now, let’s go on to something else that gives you those “feel good” vibes; breaking something inside a destroy room in Kansas City! The two things mentioned in the opening paragraph provide a feeling of finalization, which you can also get from doing the opposite of putting something together…and that’s crushing it into millions of little pieces.

In today’s blog, we’ll uncover why it feels so good to crush something inside a rage room in Kansas City. After reading this, you may want to book your own session at Super Smash KC inside a Kansas City rage room.

Chemical Release

Many people enjoy the feeling of breaking something because it provides immediate satisfaction. Whether it’s swinging a sledgehammer, golf club, or baseball bat, the feeling of connecting with your target and seeing it shatter just has a way of making people feel better. When an item breaks after a significant hit, your body releases chemicals from the brain that create a feel-good moment.

Destroy Room in Kansas City

Many athletes tend to relate with this feeling. Baseball players, hockey players, and golfers all swing a large item (bat, stick, or club) and hit an object as far as they can. Although the ball or puck doesn’t break, there is still a release of feel-good chemicals when an item is hit directly and travels a long way at a high rate of speed. Inside a destroy room in Kansas City, you’ll get the chance to take a full swing at numerous objects with the sole intention of hitting it as hard and as far as you can.

The Adrenaline Rush

In some instances, in life, we know that breaking the rules can actually feel really good. Many of us get an adrenaline rush when we’re going 90 MPH down the highway instead of the 75 MPH speed limit. Or we think about when we were young and had an 11 PM curfew, but decided to stay out until after midnight just to see how far we could push the limits.

Of course, you probably grew up in a household where breaking something was bad, very bad. Well, not inside a destroy room in Kansas City! Glasses can be shattered, computers can be pummeled, hard drives can be crushed, who knows what you’ll get to smash!? You’ll have adrenaline-pumping fun with you and your crew inside our rage room in Kansas City.

Destroy Room in Kansas City

Super Smash KC, a premier rage room in Kansas City, offers several packages to help you have a smashing good time. These packages include the starter smash, the super smash, the multiplayer, and the party pack. All packages include access to the smash room, breakable items, and protective gear. Then for extreme ragers, there are add-ons! Do you know what it's like inside an actual wrecking room in Kansas City? Do you really want to experience a smash room in Kansas City? You can do it all at Super Smash KC!

Call KANSAS CITY'S PREMIER RAGE ROOM, BOOK ONLINE HERE, or call us at 913-499-9330

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