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Anger Rooms: A Smashing Room in Overland Park to Relieve Stress

rage room in Overland Park,

“Donna Alexander of Dallas decided she wanted a space where people could relieve their stress. Tensions were high, and people needed to smash things, so it started in her garage. She charges $5 for people to come in and pulverize mannequins, televisions, furniture, and other objects. By the end of 2008, word has spread, and droves of people were coming by her home to “break stuff.” Over the next few years, I knew I had a business.” -NYT Business

Over the next few years, her business would grow, and by 2011, it would grow, and so would many like hers. Here at Super Smash KC, our rage room in Overland Park has provided much-needed stress relief to people all over the Kansas City area. Sessions in our smash room in Overland Park are designed to be therapeutic and a whole lot of fun!

What is provided when you get ready to use our rage room in Overland Park?

· Helmet

· Goggles

· Boots

· Gloves

· Apron

All you need to bring is closed-toed shoes, long sleeves, and a camera for photos! Protective gear is required to participate.

What can you use to get into the swing of things inside our smash room in Overland Park?

· Metal Pipes

· Baseball Bats

· Golf Clubs

· Skillets

· Sledgehammers

· Two by Fours

· Crowbars

· Hammers

Some things are off-limits like sharp objects and things that use ammunition. We don’t shoot things at Super Smash KC… we smash them!

rage room in Overland Park,

What kinds of things can you break at our wrecking room in Overland Park?

· Plates

· Mirrors

· Computers

· Televisions

· Windows

· Cups

· Furniture

· Printers

· Vases

· Tile

· Dishes

You can also bring as many of your items to break as long as you stay within your designated period. We hold the right to refuse any items that may pose a risk to the participant.

Starting a Smash Business

The start-up costs for this business are minor but finding an appropriate space can be challenging. Super Smash KC has just the place for you to swing your frustration and break out from a stressful day. Remember, if you are suffering from a medical condition, and dealing with anxiety depression, or chronic anger, this is only meant as one outlet. You should follow up with a professional therapist outside of Super Smash KC.

Other methods of stress-relief include:

· Exercise

· Relax Your Muscles

· Deep Breathing

· Eat Well

· Laugh

· Sing

· Slow Down

· Take a Break

· Make Time for Hobbies

· Talk About Your Problems

The good news is that stress is very manageable, and with patience and trying out many strategies, you can reduce your stress. Stress is an unavoidable part of life; here at Super Smash KC, we want to be a new and fun way to manage your stress level, give us a try today!

rage room in Overland Park,

Super Smash KC, a rage room in Overland Park, offers several packages to help you have a smashing good time. These packages include the starter smash, the super smash, the multiplayer, and the party pack. All packages include access to the smash room, breakable items, and protective gear. Then for extreme ragers, there are add-ons! Do you know what it's like inside an actual wrecking room in Kansas City? Do you want to try a destroy room in Overland Park? You can do both at Super Smash KC!

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